How to Use HCG Drops

Commitment to one’s aims is the main input of the dieter. The dieter should not stray away from his cause or else the goal will not be reached. Particular care must be taken to limit the calorie intake of a person to 500 calories per day. The food selection must be done as per the protocol set by Dr. Simonies in the year 1950. Each part of the course must be triple checked in order to maintain perfect conditions suitable for shedding weight. Snacking with items which are off limits will lead to complete failure of the diet course, leading to depression for the dieter.

weight-loss-drops-hcg-dropsHCG is not a diet for people with an overenthusiastic approach to things. Everything must be done according to the HCG protocol, nothing less nothing more. If someone decides to maintain a 400 calorie diet instead of a 500 calorie one, it will lead to disastrous results. The dieter will become weak and will be prone to diseases. He will not have the inner strength to sustain the effects of best hcg drops on the dieter’s body. He will become disillusioned with the benefits of the plan and might take the harsh step of quitting the diet plan. Once the dieter quits the plan, the lost weight will be regained in a very haphazard manner leading to further complications. As the metabolic rate is decreased by HCG, it causes a huge dumping of unwanted particles in the body.

Every person suffering with overweight is always on the lookout for the easiest way to reduce one’s bodyweight. HCG is one such method, which takes least efforts from the user and produces the maximum possible benefits. HCG which stands for Human Chronic Gonadotropin, is a hormone found in pregnant women. HCG, which is secreted by placenta, is the main cog in the functional process of HCG diet plan.

HCG controls the metabolic activity of the entire body. , Metabolic rate is manipulated in order to help the dieter reduce the overweight present in the body. Dr. Simeons, who proposed the HCG therapy, used the changing metabolic rate to induce weight loss in the user’s body; without allowing the health of the subject to deteriorate. He developed two methods to introduce HCG into the body (drops and shots) along with a special diet to supplement the HCG functionality.

The diet plan of a HCG therapy is very simple. The person undergoing the diet (dieter) needs to choose the method of administering the hormone into the body. If the dieter decides to go with an injection, a shot of 125 IU of HCG is administered daily to the dieter. If the dieter decides on drops, the daily dosage will depend on the total weight to be lost by the dieter. A dieter, who opts for a basic program, will target a weight loss of 5 to 14 pounds. In a similar fashion, a standard program and an ultimate program have a maximum limit of 30 and 45 pounds respectively. The dosage is accordingly varied from 0.4 ml to 0.5 ml. The dieter is provided with the dosage thrice a day.